Working at The Next Closet

Why buy new when there is so much beautiful stuff already out there? The Next Closet is a sustainable marketplace for pre-loved designer fashion. We are an innovative green-tech startup situated in Amsterdam who strive to make a HUGE impact. Check out our vacancies below and who knows we might be seeing you soon!

Join the Fashion Revolution!

The Next Closet is thé sustainable marketplace for second hand designer fashion.

Why buying only new clothes when there are already so many hidden beauties in somebody else’s closets? The Next Closet makes unique designer fashion affordable for everyone. Besides, we help you to earn money by selling your own wardrobe online. Our mission is to make second hand fashion more mainstream. We aim to inspire you to invest in quality and reuse; to say NO to fast-fashion to choose for qualitative pieces instead. You’ll look much more fashionable and can make a serious amount of money by selling your clothes. Last but not least, you are part of this fashion revolution and will leave a positive impact to our Mother Earth.

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